7 Ways to Dominate Google Reviews

You just created your website, and got your Google My Business page up and configured. It’s been a few weeks and no one is reviewing your business, sucks I know…

Lucky for you, I got a few solid ways for your brand new Google My Business to get a jump start on reviews. Reviews are on the number one thing any customer will look at before they decide to call you, or view your website.

How often are you to quickly buy a product on Amazon without any reviews, not very likely I’m assuming. Your future customers are thinking the same thing!

Get in your customers shoes, they see  “Joe’s power washing service” right in your home town, but unfortunately for Joe, he doesn’t have a single review, the next power washing company, Bob’s Power Washing has 47 reviews and 4.5 stars! Who do you think is most likely going to get a call? Yup, Bob is the winner here.

Let’s get your business looking like Bob’s Power Washing!

Ask every past customer to review you

Ever heard the phrase  “You don’t get what you doesn’t ask for?”  This applies greatly here! We tend to live in a society where no one will actively search for you online unless your service is horrible, only then to leave bad review! You gotta beg for those reviews!

Adding a Google My Business link on your email signature

If you do a lot of your communications via email this is an incredible addition. EVERY SINGLE TIME you send someone an email they will be reminded to review you! You’re not directly asking them personally. It’s just an added thing your email. This works best with a strong call to action, example: “Review me on Google” or “How’s my service”. Do something suited for your industry.

Leave a way for them to review upon final payment.

If you send digital invoices for final payment or meet in person to collect a payment. Add somewhere under the total, a way to directly look to your Google Listing. This may very well be the last communication you have with this client and the last chance to ever ask them for a review for your awesome business.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Leave a review on their business

If you do a lot of Business to Business (B2B), this is a perfect time to leave them a review! You may not be able to review their business services directly, but you can review how it was working with them as your client!

This is a double benefit by doing this you are giving your business exposure by showing up on their reviews! They will also be more likely to return the favor for your business.

Add a Link in your Sidebar or Footer for Google Reviews

This depends a lot on your website design and where you believe it will be the best placement. Adding a link to review your business on your site is great! Instead of just adding a testimonial on your website, which can easily be faked, customers may be willing to quickly leave a Google review.

Add a postcard on your mail that you send out

I never personally tried this as I don’t do physical mail much with my business. With the right business I can see this being very powerful. Almost like a package you receive asking you to review them, do the same thing! It could be a very power piece to your puzzle.


This is a lot of tricks you could do to easily increase the amount of reviews you are receiving, but keep in mind ,anything you try to give it a couple of weeks or months to determine how it is working.

If you tried any of these, let me know how they are working for you below!

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